In memory of Riley 1992-2008

Sunday, 9 May 2010

It's a cat's life

The sun is shining and the three cats are doing what Riley taught them to do - leading the life of riley by sunning themselves in the garden. Pickle is lazing in the garden chair whilst Chuzzle and Deejay are stretched out under the bushes. In fact, Chuzzle is so hard to find as his tiger stripes seem to blend him in with the tree and the plants. Deejay's black coat against the green grass makes him stick out like a mile. Oh to be a pussycat now that summer's here!

Monday, 3 May 2010

In the beginning

It all started one cold Friday evening when Rileycat meowed outside our door and came to live with us. Of course, this six month old kitten didn't know he was a Rileycat but as soon as he made himself comfortable in a beanbag he knew from that day onwards he would be living the life of riley - hence his name Riley, aka Rileycat.